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We are community of engineers who are solving daily coding problems, learn algorithms and data structures. Our goals are to expand our knowledge, practice coding skills and prepare for technical interviews.


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If you want to get the job - you should train how to pass interviews. It's not just about your knowledge and experience.
To make this process accountable and easier - you can join to community and prepare together with other engineers.
You will not be alone. If you stuck - you always can ask for help.
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Resolve problems which are asked by:

    Receive Coding Problem

    Get handpicked problems that was asked on tech interviews. We are choosing interesting, tricky and complicated problems every day. It will help you not to be afraid of the unfamiliar problem and be more prepared on the real interview.


    Try to Solve It

    Try to solve this problem by yourself without any help. If you are stuck - ask for hint or advice in our community chat. It can be hard at first, but the more problems you solve, the faster you will find a solution in the future.


    Collaborate With Others

    Don't hesitate to help others and share your own solutions. Check questions maybe someone needs your help and then they will help you. Are you stuck? Don't worry. You can always get help from us or our community. Enjoy the process.


    Ask for Help

    Do you have any questions related to career path, courses, tutorials, technologies, etc. - ask it! Our team or someone from our community will try to help you. Sometimes, easiest way to get answer - ask a question ;)



    Challenges are micro-projects where you can learn something new like technologies, frameworks, languages or APIs.

Our Mentors

  • Scott M
    Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft
    System Design Mock Interviews Career Path
  • Julio Protzek
    CTO at Flama
    React.js Next.js Ruby on Rails Javascript
  • Felipe Foscheira
    Competitive Programmer
    Competitive Programming Algorithms Data Structure
  • David Amador
    Game Developer at UpfallStudios
    Indie GameDev Xbox360 gamedev IPhone gamedev
  • Javi
    iOS Swift Engineer at Twitch
    Swift iOS Developing
  • Tim Evko
    Senior Web Developer at Quil Health
    Career Growth Javascript
  • Tommy McGlynn
    Software Engineer / Speaker at Apple
    Mock Interviews

What people say about us

  • Mariano Pardo
    Software Development Engineer at @awscloud looks great, I loved the idea of receiving the solution next day, if you can't solve something, you can't just rush it up and look the solution, you are force to wait... And probably while you wait you can realize how to solve it or at least have new ideas!
  • Tommy McGlynn
    Software Engineer and Speaker at Apple
    Have been working as a software engineer for 10 years. I studied design and my software skills are completely self-taught or learned through hands-on experience. Solving Devmates problems has been a great way to build my skill around data structures and algorithms. Aside from that, I've been doing every problem for a couple weeks and I really enjoy it. Thank you for all the effort that went into creating this!
  • Edwin Klesman
    Tech Lead
    I bet this will be handy to train myself and shake off some "rust" from my problem solving mindset.
Alex Wawl
by Alex Wawl